The production of canned food is also one of industrial branches of 'Proshyan Brandy Factory' LLC. For our canned foods we choose the selected fruits and vegetables of Ararat valley. Due to their ecological purity, exceptional taste and great content of vitamins the fruits and vegetables of Ararat Valley, have been in great demand by the population of Armenia and all over the world. Our canned products are being made by professional canned food makers, who have their own secret receipts of making the product. The secret way of making the cans the canned food makers transferred through generations. The way, in which ‘Royal’ canned foods are being made, is a unique one, which doesn't have anyone else. Only our canned food makers master the secret to make this type of tasty and useful cans. So the one who has tasted the ‘Royal’ cans once, will never confuse its taste with others'. Our can makers try to save the traditions of making canned food and to improve the quality of the products day by day. The company pays a great attention to the quality of the products, for this, the enterprise was equipped with the new Italian equipments. The canned food tastes as it was made in homemade conditions. Everything is being stewed, boiled and roasted on the natural wood fire. During the years the company has increased the quality and the quantity of canned food according to the increase of its demand. The canned products of 'Proshyan Brandy Factory' LLC are consumed under the names 'Royal', 'Kerakur' (in Russia, Ukraine). The product is well known and sold out both in Armenia and abroad. The general director of the company is Armen Gasparyan.